Welcome To International Collaboration

The value of effective collaboration within organizations is obvious. Better decisions are made, problems are solved faster, and people are more productive. Organizations of all sizes increasingly rely on geographically dispersed talent and operations, and time and distance present complex challenges to effective collaboration. IC has designed new and better ways to integrate video conferencing and other visual collaboration technologies into everyday work processes so that distrubuted and virtual teams can work together from personal computers, laptops, mobile devices, and video conferencing and collaboration rooms as if they were in the same room.

International Collaboration creates collaboration networks within and among organizations using the best of new technologies to enhance the way people work together with carefully selected Internet-based collaboration services and work methods, including Skype, IOCOM Visimeet, Nefsis, Megameeting, and many others. IC helps people understand and fully utilize advanced collaboration technologies by addressing the people and work process aspects, as well as the technology details, because people should work together, and not just meet. Watch our introductory video to learn more, or contact us to meet with us online.

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Hardware Components at less than $50

  • 1-4 people
  • Very low Cost
  • Easy to install and support

Audio and camera packages as low $1,050

  • 3-12 People
  • Flexible and Expandable
  • Easy to Install & Support

Audio and camera packages as low $2,975

  • 12-25+ People
  • Powerful and Scalable
  • Professional Installation